Human Being (Archived)
  • Love on every person I meet during our November medical mission trip to Honduras.
  • Remembering that love does, and it does well.
  • Keeping a picture of the Samaritan Woman in my head. I am the Samaritan Woman.
  • Discomfort: heat and humidity, bugs and spiders.
  • Culture shock. Or, the Western worldview I've allowed to take over in my head.
  • Jetlag.
  • Engaging Hondurans and trading stories with them.
  • Loving others becomes more of a lifestyle, not an event.
Life Advocate
  • To be the best advocate I can be at the pregnancy center I volunteer at.
  • Prayer and study the day before my volunteer hours.
  • Show up when expected.
  • Promote fundraising dinner in November by emailing and talking to friends.
  • Love our clients without judgment
  • Weekly battle of not wanting to show up when I'm expected.
  • Emotional turmoil as I talk with abortion-minded clients.
  • Getting discouraged.
  • knowing what to say and how to say it
  • Seeing more clients choose a better story for themselves.
  • Building on this experience and doing more to engage injustice.
  • Finish and publish my book.
  • Reading books that inspire me.
  • Setting aside three hours each day to write.
  • Being involved in my community.
  • Saving money for publishing costs.
  • Being out in nature.
  • Social media, or my preference for it.
  • Being distracted by housework.
  • Being emotionally distanced/feeling discouraged.
  • Seeing my book published.
  • Helping other people write better stories.
The Good Neighbor
  • To meet up with God in the Philippines in July.
  • The stories some of my friends are living.
  • My hope that my children will start to live better stories.
  • Time with God. I can't have a conversation with Him and not feel like I have to do something.
  • The horrors of injustice.
  • finances. it's going to be a lot of money.
  • my family's schedule can get crazy.
  • not wanting to be uncomfortable.
  • Some friends and I started talking about a reunion back in the Philippines. But instead of just the usual touristy things, we decided to do something cool. So the two couples from the US--my hubby and I and J and her hubby and others who have said they want to join---will do some fundraising and then we'll fly home and join our two other friends who work among the urban poor. In Baguio and Dagupan. In schools and dump-site communities. Somehow I always feel like it's so much harder to be poor in the city. I know my heart will get broken. And I'll have more questions. That will propel me to keep making edits to my life.
  • I plan to bring my son/s with me. This will be good for them. How good? We shall see after.
Public Health Advocate
  • Go back to school and get my degree in Public Health
  • Fight injustice by becoming a Health Educator
  • Find a job that will fund my dream to love people not just in my community but outside, especially in the Philippines and Honduras.
  • A picture I took in Honduras. One of the little girls in the picture stared back into the camera with hope in her eyes. I want to be a part of the fulfillment of that hope, if not in her life then in another person's life.
  • My obsession with my GPA.
  • All the things I want to do and need to raise funds for.
  • My children.
  • late nights of studying
  • my family's schedule
  • driving to places I'm not familiar with
  • having to make new relationships
  • money
  • meeting expectations beyond my schooling
  • Graduation!
  • a job in public health
  • going back to Honduras and being able to help educate the people
  • merging my writing with health education
  • writing new stories in settings previously uncharted by me

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