• To advocate for those weaker that need a father's perspective, advice and encouragement.
  • Under God's impression and stirring
  • A broken behavioral health system. Few good resources. The nature of the person themselves as they vacillate between positive and negative choices.
  • Grand life goals being met. I.E. College graduation; High School graduation; Accepting Christ; Growing up; Finding peace within their own stories;
  • To guard my wife's health; to model a spiritual maturity in decisions ahead; to live this next chapter together.
  • Life
  • Research the homework needed; insurance; financial support that makes sense
  • Living our ministry together
Spiritual Being
  • Do things in the kingdom that a 57 year old can do that I couldn't accomplish at 47 years old.
  • Done
  • The prayer to understand what that means and where that takes us.
  • Saving lives for the kingdom; both physically, behaviorally and spiritually

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