• Create a Christ-centered youth center in State Park, IL
  • Teenage girl dies of heroin overdose
  • Kids coming out of the woodwork to attend Wednesday services at Alpha and Omega
  • Continued influence of this church on my life.
  • City council won't like it
  • Rougher elements of state park won't like kids not being in the streets
  • It will cost a lot of money and people are lame
  • Zoning/city hassle
  • Lack of parental support
  • The center is open, and kids have a safe and nice alternative to the streets. It's open every day, and staffed with competent and Christ-driven people.
  • Kids have a place to receive tutoring, nutrition and love.
  • Encourage each child to be him or herself
  • Grow great, God-centered kids
  • Encourage their interests and inclinations
  • More praying
  • Be present more during my time with them
  • Be more patient
  • Listen
  • Marvel
  • The good times can sometimes cloud the future, when they will be teenagers
  • Teenage years
  • Conflict with other parts of the familial unit
  • Graduation, when we all interact and love as a family.
  • Weddings, when we all interact and love as a family.
  • The moment of recognition when they know you did everything you knew to do to help them become who they are.
  • Seeing them grow into Christ-centered adults.
Spiritual Being
  • To become a serene machine of heavenly purpose
  • Prayer
  • Meditiation
  • Bible
  • Audio
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Action
  • Earthly interests
  • The mundane and stress of every-day life
  • Views of the past
  • Living a life that leaves no doubts of my concerns, cares and purpose.

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