• Be a great dad.
  • Plan daddy/daughter dates
  • Plan camping trip(s)
  • Schedule family vacation/traditions
  • Busy with work/life
  • Letting the unimportant/urgent take priority over the important/non-urgent
  • Girls trusting me in different stages of their life
  • When older, they take me on daddy/dinner date
  • Walking them down the aisle.
Church Planter
  • To plant a church in the heart of downtown Rockford
  • Gather Core Team
  • Gather for Worship
  • Plant house churches
  • People who have had negative experiences with church/Christians
  • Critics
  • Lack of finances
  • My/Our junk (inexperience, fear, complacency, apathy, etc)
  • Hearing stories of people discovering (and re-discovering) Jesus
  • A multicultural, diverse Jesus-Community
  • Seeing downtown Rockford make different lists (i.e. from "most dangerous" to "best places to live")
  • To re-write and re-edit "Why the Church Needs More Bartenders" by August 2013
  • Set a finish date
  • Schedule a writing weekend (to get ball rolling again)
  • Schedule weekly writing time
  • Telling people my goals
  • Not guarding that time against "other things"
  • Being overly self-critical
  • Doing the hard work of editing this time
  • Getting the newly published book in the mail
  • Getting an encouraging email from a reader
  • Being pleasantly surprised by sales :)

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