Spiritual Being
  • to live out a personal relationship with God
  • to desire to know Him more
  • to have peace as He guides my decisions
  • the energy/drive to do His will
  • memorize Psalm 103 in English and Romanian
  • be mindful when I speak to, with, and about others
  • ask questions of others about God and what He means to them
  • apply Biblical truths to my life
  • soak my mind in the Word of God to allow Him to transform me
  • time
  • work
  • my own negative thoughts...
  • others' criticism of Christianity/religion
  • a feeling of distance created by the sin in my life
  • move to Romania :)
  • teach English in Romania or Moldova
  • learn Romanian (vorbiti romaneste)
  • create curriculum vitae from resume
  • send to Daniela, Elvis, Alex, and Florin
  • not too many people in AC, Kansas speak Romanian
  • "real" job will take majority of time
  • "distance" created by time and space
  • Have a conversation on Skype completely in Romanian
  • Skype interview with Simon
  • Accept job
  • Move!

Comments and Discussion

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