Friend (Archived)
  • Throw a Party (may sound like a little story, but that sort of thing is hard for me and I know Jess would love it).
  • Contact invitees
  • Plan meal
  • Go to grocery
  • Cook
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Short notice
  • Give up
  • Eat a fantastic meal with friends
  • Show off storyline
  • Get a story published that reflects the story of Jesus - "Phinn's Story"
  • Re-read unRelated
  • Adapt unRelated to Phinn's story - maybe unRelated sub Phinn's Story
  • Make all events revolve around an event - perhaps hospital scene
  • Add Grandma's death, the Message, Adelin and the kids
  • Write story
  • Get Agent - need to research the process
  • Get Published
  • Work will slow me down
  • Family time will slow me down
  • Laziness
  • Discouragement
  • Getting an Agent
  • Getting published
  • Holding my book in my hand
Spiritual Being
  • Join a Church Community
  • Church Shop
  • Settle in
  • Get to know people
  • Live with others
  • Won't like something about the church
  • Won't find a like minded community
  • Will want to give up and sleep in
  • Find a place to attend regularly
  • Living in community with a like minded church

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