• Take a campus ministry from minimal activity to healthy/sustainable status; with a good mix of discipleship, teaching, service, outreach, and worship.
  • Move to Sault Ste. Marie.
  • Build relationships with current students through hospitality and intentional meetings
  • Block apart time every week at both schools to be present and pray
  • Intentionally connect with faculty and staff
  • Build bridges with other churches in the area
  • Plan events together with other churches and young adults' ministries
  • Find key students who are interested in/passionate about different areas of ministry
  • Every month, check long-term what's being built and what still needs to be done - is there progress?
  • Tyranny of the urgent - prayerlessness
  • My introversion making me unapproachable or too intense
  • My disbelief that I could be capable, even with the Holy Spirit
  • Individuals who have never seen someone like me in ministry and don't have a paradigm for it.
  • Seeing a graduated student move onto healthy Christian community elsewhere
  • Finishing a great leadership meeting after a week filled with intentional community, outreach and a good church service.
  • Talking with a colleague or a student about Jesus and seeing them find new life in Him
  • Hearing a student's passion for a ministry on campus and being able to release it and equip it to happen.
  • Speaking confidently and clearly about what God has done through me and each student.
Physical Being
  • Be able to run 5k anytime I want and protect my muscles from work injuries from performing ultrasound
  • Start Couch-To-5k again 3x/week, beginning December 3rd
  • Lift 2x/week after moving into the house, beginning December 4th
  • Get running gear for the cold weather so I can't make excuses
  • Eat at least six servings of veggies a day (one at breakfast at least)
  • Laziness
  • Poor time management
  • Ridicule from others, statements that I don't need to from others
  • Going for my first 5k in a while and finishing it
  • Taking a 5k run for no other reason than to relax; feeling the endorphins afterwards
  • Finishing a really heavy weight lifting routine and feeling only good pain and posture.
  • Buy and transform a house into an excellent long-term home
  • Buy the house
  • Replace what's needed before closing
  • Tear out walls
  • Reinsulate/redo walls before move in
  • Get rooms into a livable/hospitable state
  • Room-by-room, make it into what my husband and I want long-term
  • Difficulty in finding/financing the home
  • TIme crunch in getting work done
  • High/low expectations of others, perception of what we can or can't afford
  • Falling asleep in a perfectly insulated and calm bedroom
  • Hosting a big party in a comfortable house
  • Having coffee and meals with people who are living with us
  • Completing a carpentry project in the shed or workshop
Bivocational Worker
  • Work locally one/two days a week in cardiac ultrasound
  • Get a degree and certification as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS with ARDMS), get experience working in the field and good references.
  • Contact local doctors, hospital, and physician recruitment and clinic just across the border
  • Approach them again in two months (Nov 2012)
  • Think slightly further - can I cross the border and work at that hospital? Approach that hospital
  • Small job market - can I even do it here?
  • "We've always done it another way" mentality
  • Shyness interfering with me coming across confidently and humbly to doctors
  • Crossing the border if I need to - legal or tax problems?
  • Finishing a day of heart ultrasound, glad I've caught another Grade IV ventricle or LA myxoma or something else dramatic
  • Getting home and not being mentally or physically exhausted from my second job
  • Feeling accomplished and proud as I deposit my first paycheck at a fair wage.
Student and Writer
  • Finish my masters and doctorate
  • Do another course next July on apologetics
  • Talk to local faculty and see if I can get supervised reading courses at the masters' level
  • Check if the ATS guidelines next year change; can I get into Acadia with the 2-year M.T.S. and my B.Th?
  • Finish my masters
  • Do a doctorate on neuroplasticity, extended adolescence, historical understandings of adulthood, salvation and faith development.
  • Write an accessible book based on this research.
  • Poor time management
  • People who don't understand why I want to do this research
  • People who disagree with the premise or methods
  • Lack of finances
  • If the guidelines change and I need a 3-year degree that will take a lot more work to get to the doctoral stage
  • Graduations; walking across the stage and shaking hands with faculty I respect
  • After every step of the dissertation is complete: going out to celebrate with friends
  • Seeing the relationship between a parent and teenager change based on this research
  • Hearing about how a youth ministry has changed their methods and is seeing longer-term success based on this resarch
  • Picking up a copy of my book and seeing my name on the front cover.
  • Hearing from someone who I respect that's read the book and appreciates the content.

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