• I want to stop worrying about the future, let go of the past and live in the present fully.
  • Realizing my parents/family of origin would not play a meaningful role in child's life.
  • Inviting my mother to yet another important event for my son, hearing her make another excuse for why she cannot attend, watching her choose one of my other siblings for a smaller purpose that day, and me getting extremely upset and having a hurt heart. I anticipate that my son, as he gets older, will realize his grandmother is not interested in him.
  • I stop inviting my mother anywhere. I find a way to frame to my son that his grandmother is not interested in relationships and help him focus on relationships that are a positive force for him.
Business Owner
  • I would like to be a successful REALTOR® and meet my potential before I complete graduate school. I want to lift my family out of debt, take a the dream vacation my family deserves, and overcome some of the financial stress due to medical bills.
  • Difficult labor and delivery…two expensive reconstructive surgeries, and extensive testing on me and son. Nothing life-threatening, but inflated medical costs have hit my family hard.
  • Husband required gall bladder surgery. Big bill.
  • Son had a minor medical issue at birth, required surgery when he was older, big bill.
  • I had enrolled for graduate school before the medical bills became out of hand. We would likely get ahead if I quit school, but we don't believe in quitting. There are days when the stress of the bills and the slow pace of school get me down. Because of the bills, there are sacrifices we make as a family. I became a real estate agent to have a career with flexible hours and he hope for an income. It's a demanding career but I am going full steam in order to be a provider because it is needed. I wrestle with and feel guilty about the choice to remain in school.
  • I will graduate with a Master's Degree, and a job in student development, and erase our debt.
  • To free myself of my sisters' constant conflict and abuse.
  • Older sister abused drugs and has mental health diagnosis. I have tried compassion and other ways to help, but I believe there is no way to have a meaningful relationship due to its negative stress/health effects on my own family
  • Younger sister and husband are abusive to me and I realize I may need to break free from them despite my wish to know their children.
  • Constant phone calls, critical emails and letters, general harassment and rude commentary.
  • Cutting them out of my life may be the only path to peace.
  • To be a better friends, to be the friend people come to first for help and care.
  • One friend has an alcoholic husband but I officially do not know--it's something another friend in the group has shared. I really want this friend to know she can come to me!
  • I want to sustain the friendships I made with my son's classmates' moms once the school year is over. I don't want to seem over eager though.
  • I may never be taken into confidence by the friend who has the alcoholic husband.
  • Casual friendships may fade and I will feel unwanted.
  • I can see perhaps that other friends learn about my friend's husband's alcoholism and I am the only one not in the loop.
  • I can imagine when perhaps the other moms decide not to include me in the group.
  • I want my husband to lead more, but he is shy and I am more "take charge."
  • We have some conflict with a neighbor building a patio on our property. I would like my husband to handle this.
  • I disagree with my son's classroom placement for first grade, and I would like my husband to take a more active voice in contacting the principal.
  • If my husband's shyness prevents us from resolving the property line issue, I may feel a need to run out and do the talking. I will be frustrated.
  • I would like my husband to call the school but he finds excuses for not doing it. He says I am better at those things. This could be true but I don't like this truth.
  • I will grow frustrated at the ongoing conflict and end up handling it myself and then be annoyed that I had to handle it myself.
  • The same comment as above only a different circumstance.
  • I would like to compete at the adult national skating competition again.
  • Schedule practices again.
  • Find a piece of music that inspires me and has meaning.
  • Trying to balance school, work, parenthood and being a wife.
  • My nerves often prevent my from skating my best.
  • Since becoming a mom, I am a little more fearful about some of the jumps.
  • The sport is expensive.
  • The rink closest to us closed its doors so the closest one is an hour away.
  • I would like to perform a clean skate in the freestyle division.
  • I would like to win gold in my artistic event (I won bronze once before)
Spiritual Being
  • I would like to find a church home where my family fits in.
  • There is an empty feeling when we don't go to church.
  • We are fairly shy people and social fear prevents us from trying new things.
  • We are Catholic and there are very few Catholic parishes in our County, and they are super crowded places--we get overwhelmed by that.
  • We are Catholic and my husband's relatives would be disappointed if we worshipped outside of their long-running heritage.
  • Trying a new church and feeling truly at home.
  • Become comfortable socializing more.
  • My son's elementary school life is requiring more extroverted interactions from me.
  • I get nervous when I have to speak in front of others or visit yet another birthday party among strangers; but I am doing it for the sake of my son.
  • The more I socialize, the better I become at it.

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