Business Owner
  • I wish to own the largest multi-conglomerate corporation to have stood in this world.
  • I want to use my wealth and power, not to be corrupted but to be used to help others with their needs.
  • At the end of my life I want to be a person who wasnt controlled by his money but learned how to be the most generous person possible
  • To prosper financially to empower and support people who need it.
  • I am motivated by seeing the world around me and seeing that I have the potential to change it. Do the work to stay connected to your closest friends.
  • I wanted to succeed and I refused to sit down and expect all of this to happen to me like a fairytale. I also met my grandfather whom is a prominantly successful business owner and that inspired me to strive for my own success. Plan a meeting 3 successful business men that I look up to and want to emulate.
  • I need to build up the finances required to properly start this idea for a business. Make a second appointment with the Chase bank guy to get a financial starting point from here.
  • I need to build an interest in my company and it's ideas so that people will be willing to choose us in the future.
  • I need to get someone who is willing to trust me to co-sign on my idea so that I can begin building my business[Because legally as I am underage I am forced to comply with such]
  • I need to be mentally prepared for the responsibility that will lie in front of me that I will have to handle before I begin my adventure of forging this company.
  • I need to be financially prepared for these accounts that I will be financially liable for so that I won't run my business into the ground financially speaking.
  • Several legal issues. Several trials involving the analysis of my financial abilities and my plan for the structure of my business and how it will develop in the coming years.
  • Many major government organizations aren't convinced that someone my age could run a successful business.
  • There's also several issues leading up to creating our name and what we do. Things like copyright, trademarks, and several other issues involving the naming of our business and it's services.
  • There's also the expenses required to purchase the equipment needed to properly run and accomplish our tasks as efficient as technologically possible.
  • Also there's several forms that would be required in completion in order to set all of the transactions on an stable program of operations so as to prevent any faults in our financial status.
  • Sitting at a desk in an newly built tower in Los Angelos. Looking at the pictures of my beginnings neatly lined across my walls of my office. Able to look back and just say to myself ' It was a long road. But I am here finally. Through all my struggles I made it'. Enjoying the view as I stand on top of the world financially and literally.
Positive Life Changer/Influential Character
  • Positively change how others think about life and how they react to the world around them.
  • Inspire others to go out into this world and make an difference that will change history.
  • Encourage those that don't have much happiness in their lives and show them how to find it yet again.
  • Help others to change their lifestyles and motivate them to empower others through their words and actions.
  • The death of a friend whom was very important to me which changed my life entirely.
  • Looking at the misery of others when I know that I have the ability to change that misery and reforge it into happiness.
  • Watching the news. Sadly it's more depressing to watch then exciting and it helped me to see what was going on out there.
  • People are going to mock my opinions on this. Mostly because they won't allow me to explain my motives.
  • Someone's going to be hostile towards my ideals and dreams. There's always that one guy whom will try.
  • I will have to make choices on whom I will help and when. I won't be able to help everyone at once.
  • Keeping track of all of this will handling my Business and my social lifestyle.
  • Staying motivated no matter what happens in my own life.
  • Getting harmed because someone opposes my ideals.
  • Being challenged by someone I am trying to help whom is hostile towards my desire to help them out.
  • Being mocked for my 'childish' goals of trying to play the Hero.
  • Defending someone whom is being tormented by others even though that puts me in the crossfire of the conflict at hand.

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