Athlete (Archived)
  • Complete 10 half-marathons
  • Continue to see the correlation in persevering spiritually and physically
  • Travel to great locations for my marathons
  • Use this time to find god, experience God, and create adventures!
  • Register for Seattle half 2011 and Complete it!
  • Register for Nashville half 2011 and Complete it!
  • Register for Austin half 2012 and Complete it!
  • Register for SA half 2009 and Complete it!
  • Register for SA half 2008 and Complete it!
  • Register for SA 2010 and Complete it!
  • Register for SA 2011 and Complete it!
  • Register for Dallas 2012 and Complete it!
  • Register for Seattle 2012 and Complete it!
  • Register for SA half 2012 and complete it
  • Financial hurdles for travel expenses
  • Traveling alone
  • People saying, "You're going alone?" :)
  • Continuous training
  • Setting a goal and ACCOMPLISHING IT!
  • FInding myself on DM's couch while going to Seattle 2011
  • Having sacred time with God as I travel
  • Experiencing God as I drive the Oregon and Washington coast, going to San Juan Island, driving through Idaho
  • Encouraging and being with Cheryl as she completed her first half
Spiritual Being (Archived)
  • Share my testimony and speak at my church's women's retreat
  • Being asked by Kelley to speak
  • Praying for God's direction and blessing in that and realizing He was encouraging me to do so.
  • Nerves
  • needing clarity
  • encroaching on a sacred time between God and those women
  • my ego
  • Writing out my testimony
  • WHat God will do IN me in this process and the sacred time I will spend with Him
  • Encouraging others to Keep On Walking
  • Be a teacher that inspires my students to learn and to love others
  • To encourage my students in their walks and in their lives as they face life and possible difficulties
  • At the end of the school year, I feel like I am losing 18 precious people that hold a piece of my heart
  • Write and send letters on a weekly basis to various students
  • Each quarter, send mass letters to all present and past students with their names inside Scripture
  • Attend dance recitals, sporting events, and other activities of my current students
  • Write "my" seniors letters encouraging them this final school year
  • Keep a prayer journal and regularly pray over my 18 as well as other 5th graders that God continues to bring to mind
  • Write first quarter letters.
  • Write second quarter/Thanksgiving letters
  • TIME, lack of it.
  • Distracted with TV, errands, grading papers, working out, and all sorts of everyday life
  • Feelings of "It doesn't really matter."
  • The hugs at the end of the year with smiling kiddos who say thanks Ms. Vaughn
  • Knowing I gave my heart and my time investing in people
  • Hugs as I see them in the future and those special conversations that take place between us.
  • Be a mother that prays and listens...I mean REALLY listens.
  • Maintain a log in my journal as I pray for Cade
  • Choose Scriptures weekly that I pray over him and for him
  • Daily read Jesus Calling with Cade and pray together for ourselves and others
  • Send Cade anonymous letters in the mail that encourage him and remind him someone is praying for him.
  • When school is out, stop what I am doing and hug him when he comes into my room and talk to him about his day.
  • When he talks to me in the car, LISTEN to him. Stop my brain and listen and talk and laugh with him.
  • Spend time rocking out to music with him as we drive with the windows down.
  • TIME and busyness
  • Being distracted with my own school work and kiddos I teach
  • Being tired!!
  • Allowing TV and computer to be my veg out default mode
  • Continuing to build a special relationship with my son.
  • Having incredible conversations about life and faith and God as we live our lives together
  • Being someone who Cade knows he can depend on and trust
  • Passing on a legacy to him like my parents did for me.
  • Working on this...
  • Pray regularly for my precious 10 peeps
  • Send cards of encouragement every few weeks to them
  • Continue to plan our poinsettia nights and keep the group together on a regular basis (2 this fall)
  • Plan an overnight trip at the FF Ranch before Christmas
  • TIME...and busyness
  • Stamp money
  • Persevering through schedules and families and all going different directions
  • TV
  • Relationships that have become sacred
  • A community that sacrifices for one another
  • Still working on this....
World Traveler
  • Travel the globe!
  • Travel to Scotland, Ireland, London, New Zealand, Uganda, Paris, Rome, El Salvador, Russia, Israel, and Prague for starters
  • Winning the lottery. :)
  • I'm not sure yet...working on this because I really want to do it.
  • Museuming in Edinburg, waking up in a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland
  • Drinking coffee in Paris and wearing a ushanka in RUssia
  • Delivering beds to orphans in El Salvador and hugging my World VIsion kiddo in Africa
  • Pretending to be Frodo in New Zealand and Queen Elizabeth in London
  • Walking the streets of Prague and eating pasta in Rome.
  • Walk where Jesus walked!!

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