• Create and Release my very first 8 song Pop/Acoustic/Rock album.
  • Finish Tracking all instruments and Vocals
  • Get people to support the project
  • Market the project
  • Release it in September.
  • People may not like it.
  • It may be a waste of time and money.
  • The stories in the songs would impact peoples lives in extreme ways.
  • Playing an extremely fun CD release show.
  • People all around the world buy it.
Business Owner
  • Starting a new furniture company that feeds children and changes their story all around the world, starting in Swaziland, Africa.
  • Finish everything on the business end that needs to be done.
  • Find the perfect staff.
  • Prepare for the launch party.
  • Launch company at the end of October.
  • People won't understand and love our vision as a company.
  • People not liking the products.
  • Not being prepared for extreme growth or lack of growth.
  • Feed MILLIONS of Children and families around the world.
  • Have a successful company launch in October.
  • Become one of the leading furniture companies in the world, that serves a greater purpose.
  • Devote more time to my wife than with anything else I am doing.
  • Stop work at a certain time.
  • Have a date day every week.
  • Plan a fun memory for every month.
  • Always look for moments to say I love you, and tell her things I am thankful to her for.
  • Be more random with showing love and affection.
  • Become too busy with all of the things in life going on.
  • Miss out on the adventures that come our way because of busyness.
  • Traveling a lot, causing us not to see and be with each other as much.
  • Our marriage grows more than we could ever image and bless her and I.
  • We help inspire and encourage married and single people everywhere through the way we live our marriage out.
  • We become stronger in this world because we have grown so strong together.
  • Take the pictures of the stories of Children who live in the countries that our furniture company goes to. Help show their lives change.
  • Talk with our Non-Profit
  • Get everything organized about the stories and how they need to be told in photo
  • The company doesn't sell enough products to allow us to go and capture the lives being changed.
  • Everything falls through.
  • We go to Swaziland and capture the most incredible images of lives and stories being changed.
  • People around the world are affected and pushed to make a difference in the world just by seeing the images.

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