• Volunteer for organizations within my community outside of the local church.
  • Chaperone Rock Island High School Marching Band Trips (next one October 13)
  • Laziness
  • Allowing scheduling conflicts
  • Feeling guilty for being away from home all day
  • Meeting my son's friends and developing a relationship with them like Mrs. Tucker had when I was young
  • Regular blog contributor to blogs outside my own
  • Publish a novel series
  • Deadlines for QC Mom's Blog
  • Outline for NaNoWriMo
  • Contacting Sheryl Darrell about creating and contributing to a CF blog
  • Time (block off regularly scheduled writing time)
  • Ideas (keep a running notebook of ideas, also carry an idea notebook in purse, find a notepad app for my cell phone)
  • Fear
  • Regularly contributing to the QCMB and CF blogs which makes me a better writer and more engaged with people around me.
  • Getting published would guarantee that my skills improved and would be great to write something that impacted someone positively

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