• Blog at least monthly.
  • Publish my teachings on Praying with the Body as a book.
  • Actively read and attend workshops.
  • Write an unusual musical interpretation on the life of Christ.
  • Write for the screen.
  • Add footnotes to my PWTB teaching.
  • Create a current blog post.
  • Start some articles for the Urban Sattva site.
  • Publishing a book with Annie.
  • Staying motivated to write.
  • Overcoming fear about having this as a dream.
  • Doing the work.
  • Publishing Praying with the Body.
  • Finishing a blog post.
  • Have mutually nourishing, intellectually stimulating, loving relationships
  • Be a part of a group of women seeking God.
  • Maintain or renew current relationships.
  • Have a large home to welcome friends and express our hospitality.
  • Have some friends over for dinner that have not been over before.
  • Have some one on one time with friends.
  • Feeling less shy and more bold and confident.
  • Proximity to friends
  • Moving into a new home and having houseguests.
  • Visiting my out of state/country friends.
  • Being in a group of women.
Whole Being
  • Have consistent personal practices of yoga, quiet Bible study and meditation.
  • Actively study scripture, healing, psychology and philosophy.
  • Be a conduit of love and wisdom to those around me.
  • Get test results from doctor.
  • Join a weight loss program.
  • Develop a dream.
  • Losing the weight.
  • Having lost 25 lbs.
Yoga Teacher
  • Be a conduit of healing and restoration for my students.
  • Present engaging yoga classes and retreats.
  • Be a contemporary to other teachers.
  • Revise Praying with the Body curriculum to be more engaging.
  • Incorporated Urban Sattva and build a website.
  • Staying motivated about my practice.
  • Feeling confident about myself as a teacher.
  • Feeling shy around other teachers.
  • Teaching classes with students who leave transformed.
  • Having an enriching retreat.

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