• To love my wife in the ways that she needs to be loved.
  • To show who God is through my marriage.
  • Be the Godly leader of my household.
  • Date my wife weekly.
  • Write down ways to intentionally connect.
  • Write a love note each week.
  • Commit to my marriage goals.
  • Getting to know God more through quiet time together.
  • My conflict is always my schedule... Or my struggle with time management.
  • I didn't make time to prepare.
  • Lack of energy.
  • My wife is able to connect with God on a more intimate level because I led her part of the way.
  • Build confidence in who God is and who she is. I help shape Colbie's life through the father that I am.
  • Tell Colbie how beautiful and smart she is everyday.
  • Make her laugh every single day.
  • Always remember to hug and kiss her.
  • As she gets older, date her weekly.
  • Encourage her to know God on a personal level.
  • Focusing on less important things in my typical day.
  • Colbie's love is based on my actions rather than just on my words. She is confident in my love for her.
Writing / Music
  • Compel others to take action.
  • Hopefully help others through what I write.
  • Finish my first NYT best sellers list book and get published.
  • Make time in my schedule each day for writing, because it is important to me.
  • Create an online community where people truly care about others.
  • Produce a top 100 billbaord album.
  • Sleeping in...
  • I now get to sleep.
  • Climb 50 US highpoints, all Colorado 14ers and the seven summits.
  • Stick to training schedule.
  • Eat life-enhancing foods.
  • Sleep 7 hours each night.
  • Spend one day each month with guides.
  • Full schedule.
  • I accomplish one of my top 5 life goals.

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