Gospel Artist
  • Write a book
  • Watch the video tutorials on how to use scrivener
  • Finish adding my journals to electronic format
  • Read through them and highlight things I might include
  • Decide on at least two title options
  • Invite some friends to brainstorm about the title and what they think it might be about
  • Create an outline / mind map
  • Throw a begin writing the first chapter party
  • Write the first chapter, share it with friends and begin seeking a publisher
      FBC Follower of Christ
      • Become aware of my own story being part of God's story
      • Understand and accept where I am in that story
      • Wake up everyday knowing I am the coauthor of an epic story
      • Make my life into a good story that peaks interest and curiosity of others
      • Be able to share my story based on what I know and don't know
      • Pray about who to serve and write a story with
      • Enter into their story and struggle and earn the write to share your story.
      • Tell them about how you are writing with God a better story yourself
      • Set a week where you will intentionally share your's and God's story
      • My schedule
      • I'm not good at speaking or telling stories
      • Fear of rejection or actually being rejected
      • Seeing them consciously enter God's story
      • Standing in the water of baptism next to them
      • Embracing them in an eternal hug in heaven

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