• I want to write a series of short books on various topics such as: faith, beauty/aesthetics, grace, being a husband, humor, creativity, sin, redemption, trust and control, sovereignty, etc
  • I want to share my ongoing story on my blog
  • I want to be able to 'save many lives' through writing
  • I want to pursue truth and excellence in my writing
  • Give away the first book for free on my blog
  • Spend 5 hours a week writing the book series
  • Spend 1 hour a day working on the blog
  • Making the time and energy
  • Developing discipline and focus
  • Lack of knowledge about coding, HTML and such (for blog development)
  • Spending time away from my wife
  • Going to Amazon.com and being able to see my books for sale
  • I want to live an honest and open life with the people around me
  • I want to push people to do something spectacular
  • I want to be a voice of wisdom in the midst of chaos
  • Find 3 people to mentor/coach and commit to spending the time
  • Find out what their ambitions are and commit to pursuing them as a team
  • Lack of time, energy, and/or focus
  • Poor discipline and patience
  • Lack of experience in this area
  • People not wanting to have a mentoring relationship or quitting after it starts
  • Seeing the people I've mentored go on to mentor others
Youth Pastor
  • I want to show students the reality and transforming power of the Gospel and of God's grace
  • I want to take the Great Commission seriously and make disciples
  • I want to push students to discover the grandness of God's love for them
  • Find 5 students to mentor/disciple and commit as team to make the time
  • Share stories of God's grace in my life and how it changed me
  • Commit to telling the students each week how grand the love of God is
  • Commit to sharing the gospel each week
  • Give the students more opportunities to serve others in the name of Christ
  • Having enough energy
  • Not enough patience, mercy, compassion, and humility
  • A lack of transformation in my own life due to not making my own spiritual growth the priority
  • Being able to hand off the baton to the next guy knowing that I did the work that God had for me to do
  • Seeing the students in our ministry transformed by the power of God's grace
Business Owner
  • I want to provide a place, or places, for a diverse group of people to come together and work collaboratively as they seek to express themselves through the various mediums of the arts.
  • I want to encourage collaboration across ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, and linguistic barriers.
  • I want the fruit of this collaboration to be a light in an otherwise dark world.
  • I want to inspire an appreciation of and desire for diversity and collaboration
  • Create a vision statement for the collaborative workspace
  • Make a timeline and priority list of what needs to happen
  • Create an online poll for people in the KC area to test the area's desire for such a place
  • Look for property
  • Look for investors
  • Not enough time or the ability to be in two places at once
  • Current job vs starting a new business
  • Where in the world is the money going to come from
  • No prior business, accounting or legal experience
  • Time away from my wife
  • 5 year anniversary party at the first shop
  • Opening shop 2 and 3
  • Being able to show the world what reconciliation and collaboration can accomplish in the lives of people

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