• +Love my grandparents/guardians unconditionally
  • +Be a light of cheer and goodness every time I see them
  • +Give of myself to them until I have nothing left to give
  • +Ease the last years of their life the best that I can
  • +HELP out
  • -Remember that time is short, so do something that matters
  • -Make holidays/special occasions a big deal
  • -Free time: spend it there
  • >Lazyness
  • >Lack of passion/drive
  • >Anger/selfishness
  • >Being too busy
  • |Providing a lasting memory in their lives
  • |Joy in our relationship
  • |Fulfillment
  • +Help others with my giftings
  • +Make a real difference
  • +Be reliable
  • +Be a light in all things
  • Remembering the cause (Christ)
  • Looking to the goal (those saved)
  • Making my time purposeful
  • Actively being a part of a group.
  • Making sure I make it to church and be committed.
  • Lethargy
  • Losing sight of the big picture
  • Getting discouraged
  • Not enough time
  • A changing world
  • Self fulfillment
  • Closer to the Source
  • To open the eyes of those around me to the way I see things.
  • To constantly push myself to see things through different scopes
  • To love the world and those around me in all mediums
  • Create something new each week
  • Make it a point to display it and list critiques
  • Never forget why you love design
  • Putting things ahead of creating
  • Making it seem unimportant
  • Self improvement
  • Heightened sense of surroundings
  • Reminder of beauty in everything
  • To follow Christ with all that I am
  • To know HIm more deeply
  • To let Him be the playbook for my life
  • Doing devotions daily
  • Attending church regularly
  • Discipling someone
  • Being discipled
  • Lifes hardships
  • Laziness
  • Lack of drive
  • Realizing the true points of life
  • Loving other people intentionally

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