Friend of the disadvantaged (Archived)
  • Go to Haiti.
  • Meet people I wouldn't normally meet.
  • Love on orphaned children.
  • Participate in grassroots projects to benefit the people of Haiti.
  • Fundraise!
  • Purchase a plane ticket to Haiti.
  • Take off of work.
  • Pay my bills for the month I'll be gone.
  • Show up to the airport at 7am, May 16.
  • Engage myself in the Haiti Communitere community.
  • Partner with Future for the Kids to visit orphanages!
  • Fund raising. Saving & raising enough money to be able to pay for the trip and all of my bills.
  • Not feeling like I have qualities to offer will hinder me from being vulnerable and truly challenging myself to get involved.
  • The plane taking off from DFW to Miami.
  • Arriving in Port-au-Prince and finding my way to the compound.
  • Taking a bucket shower for the first time.
  • Hugging children at the orphanages day in and day out.
  • Discovering my strengths (and weaknesses) and the moment I find what it is I contribute to communities.
  • Flying home with a wealth of joy and new perspective.
Social Worker
  • Get my BSW.
  • Serve the disadvantaged.
  • Narrow down my field and find a job that I feel meaningful.
  • Go back to school / Enroll at Portland State University.
  • Get involved in the community. Serve the disadvantaged where I'm at.
  • Having enough money to pay for school by myself.
  • Managing my time; balancing work, class, and volunteer opportunities while not ignoring my other roles.
  • Graduation day from Portland State University.
  • Getting to know people who are in need on a personal level and finding practical ways to help them. EX: Encouraging a teenager to stay in school despite his/her obstacles and seeing that same student graduate from High School and get accepted to college.
Spiritual Being
  • Consistently seek a relationship with my Creator. Know and be known.
  • Commune with others who are seeking a relationship with God.
  • Become someone who prays without ceasing.
  • Set aside time EVERY DAY to seek Jesus. It doesn't matter what it looks like. Just set my heart towards Him.
  • Belong to a church and seek relationships with purpose and sincerity.
  • Start asking Jesus what He thinks about things and ask God to move in situations.
  • The battle with my flesh: "There are better things to do than read my Bible or pray." "I'm soo tired. I promise I'll spend time with You tomorrow."
  • Fear and insecurity keep me from getting to know other people. Feeling inferior leads me to not enter into community at all, or pretend to be someone that I'm not.
  • I have to make a decision (maybe about finances or my schedule) and before listing my pros/cons or getting advice from others I go directly to God and ask for wisdom and grace to make the right decision.
  • I'm at a homeless shelter, and at the prompting of the Holy Spirit I pray for healing or breakthrough in someone's life and God moves.
  • Five years from now, I can look back on the year 2012 and laugh because of how radically God has changed my heart.
Sister / Daughter
  • Find practical ways to love and bless my family.
  • Keep an open relationship with each of my family members: ask questions and be aware of what is going on in their life.
  • Make a habit of seeing or talking to EACH of my family members every week.
  • Make a habit of asking what is going on in their life before I start in on what's going on in mine.
  • My flesh/ wanting to be the center of attention. This will keep me from being genuinely interested in what is going on in my family members lives.
  • Time management: I might have trouble finding time to spend with each family member.
  • My dad (and other family that I don't normally connect with): how do you begin conversations you don't normally have? How can I be creative in spending time with people I don't normally feel close to?
  • Bitterness in my own heart about present/past hurts. Learn that forgiveness and love is more important. Love is louder.
  • 10 years down the road, when I have my own family, I'll still be able to call my sister and brothers every week and talk to them like no distance separates us.
  • God uses me to show the love that He has for my family.
Physical Being
  • Run a 5k. Any 5k will do.
  • Download the Couch to 5k app.
  • Stick to the Couch to 5k training program (8 weeks)
  • Pay the money and sign up to run the 5k.
  • Physically show up and run.
  • Physical challenges/ asthma. Training for a 5k is harder when your lungs don't want to work with you.
  • Overcoming exhaustion / fighting the urge to take naps when I get home from work.
  • Finishing my first 3 mile "training" run and the feeling that I overcame my physical limitations.
  • Crossing the finish line with friends.

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