Be the best Autism Service Coordinator
  • Continue training video modeling, Ipad training, online training for Autism,
  • Finish hours of supervision to take BCBA national board certification test
  • organize my office
  • get caught up on my work
  • create handouts for parent training sessions and groups
  • get a schedule that helps me to get to all my responsibilities
  • Help children make educational and behavioral progress
  • be able to get things done excellently in under 50 hours per week.
  • children needing help
  • feeling anxious about the work load and keeping up
  • getting tired
  • not having the money to get things I need for work.
  • falling behind
  • not knowing what would be the best strategy to use to help a child
  • having personal things get in the way
  • Pass BCBA test and get credentials
  • Children are making progress, learning and behavior is not getting in their way academically, socially or personally.
  • Plans for work are running smoothly and on time.
Business Owner
  • Start first part of my consulting business for educational and behavioral help for schools working with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Create a business plan for staff development training program
  • Make a brochure
  • make a webpage
  • make business cards
  • get the word out (advertise)
  • have 4 or 5 training sessions planned out with handouts
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of time
  • lack of energy
  • Get booked for training sessions
  • do a training session for staff
  • get asked back to do more training with staff
world traveler
  • To go to Zambia and teach teachers and students
  • go to Nigeria and spend time getting to know my friends from Facebook there
  • go to Lithuania to see the country my family came from
  • go to Niagara Falls because I think its beautiful
  • Go to Myrtle Beach because I think its beautiful
  • Go to Hawaii because I would like to see the culture
  • going on a cruise
  • opportunities to go
  • Im afraid to fly
  • Im afraid of the disease and dangers in other countries
  • Im not sure I will be able to do it alone
  • money to do it
  • my children not wanting me to go
  • afraid to go on a cruise
  • flying on a plane
  • going on a cruise
  • going to Zambia
  • going to Nigeria
  • going to Lithuania
  • going to Niagara falls
  • going to Myrtle Beach
  • going to Hawaii
  • write my story (fiction based on my true story)
  • make an outline
  • Write a mission statement for the book
  • create the characters
  • write a chapter
  • write another chapter
  • have it critiqued at my writers group
  • rewrite chapters
  • finish the book
  • too busy
  • want someone else to write it for me
  • Its alot of work get overwhelmed by the enormity of the project
  • its hard to look at the past so closely as to analyze even the way it smelled when you were going through a trial
  • Chapters are done
  • story is coming together
  • book is complete
  • Im sure some growth and healing will come out of it

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