Spiritual Being
  • learn to embrace, rather than hide from, God's plan for me in His kingdom
  • learn how to be still and enjoy my time with God
  • to be used by God to lift up others when they are hurting
  • I want to learn what it's like to simply love people as much as God intended
  • Maintain my connection with other believers, go to church
  • Schedule time daily to learn more about God and connect with him.
  • shyness
  • fear being vulnerable, uncomfortable
    • I want my kids to feel loved in a way that they never question it.
    • I want my kids to feel secure about themselves by providing them a strong, stable family.
    • I want my kids to know they are the most important people in my life, after Ryan.
    • I want to demonstrate a good marriage to them.
    • I want to teach them to think freely, and seek their happiness in unconventional ways.
    • I want to inspire them to appreciate and love life in a way that causes them to act on it.
    • I want my kids to contribute to the life they are given, and not simply take from it.
    • Tell them daily how much I love them and recognize their awesome characteristics.
    • Show them how to serve by helping Ryan, and helping others.
    • Let them see how much I love Ryan
    • Be honest with them and earn their trust
    • Go outside! Take them on every opportunity to explore the earth and it's creatures.
    • Encourage their imagination. Ask for their opinions and thoughts.
    • Show them that different is ok, and often AWESOME.
    • Teach them to act on their passions by acting on my own.
    • Make sure my language and actions promote giving and doing, rather than getting and being done for.
    • I'm a human and I just get tired (and lazy).
    • All of the things I want to teach my kids, I also need to improve in myself.

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