• Publish a children's novel.
  • Publish a Christian book about Psalm 23.
  • Hone a good research system.
  • Buy a desk.
  • Organize notes and resources in desk.
  • Write for 30 minutes every day.
  • Join a writer's group.
  • Emotional Baggage. Laziness. Not getting around to it. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling inadequate.
  • Stopped by the size of the task.
  • Not doing it every day.
  • Reading my book to my sons when they are 5-6.
  • Having someone tell me my book changed their walk with God for the better as I sign it for them.
  • Design, develop and launch an iOS App.
  • Come up with an idea.
  • Brainstorm thoroughly.
  • Create a design document.
  • Find a team to make it.
  • Complete version 1 and test.
  • Fix and launch.
  • Create advertising campaign and website.
  • Not taking the next step.
  • Not having the cash to back it when its needed.
  • Using my own App to make my own life better every day.
  • Having other people tell me that my app changed their lives / led to a breakthrough / helped them truly succeed.
Pastor (Communicator)
  • Inspire people to radical intimacy with Christ through creative, biblical teaching.
  • Get a Bachelor's Degree.
  • Get a Master's Degree.
  • Get a 2nd Master's.
  • Read like crazy. Create reading plan.
  • Keep teaching regularly.
  • Pure, stupid laziness.
  • My knowledge outstripping my pace of really living what I know.
  • Making sure I don't get a big head when God blesses.
  • The first day of being a professor and inspiring the next generation to take the world for Christ.
  • Teaching around the world with my wife at my side and doing it for free.

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