Spiritual Being
  • Love the Lord with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength
  • Increase in knowledge of God through prayer and the Bible
  • Grow a heart for justice
  • Use my finances as if they are not my own
  • Be unashamed of the gospel - live evangelistically to friends, coworkers, and strangers
  • Commit to a project/initiative at CSBC
  • Finish the Bible this year
  • Read at least 6 Christian-themed books this year
  • Establish a daily personal time with God
  • Reserve at least one lunch a week for my coworkers
  • Go to an interesting Christian conference this year
  • Getting busy from work
  • Allowing other pursuits/endeavors take up my time and energy
  • Fear of being seen as foolish or weird by my peers
  • Someone coming to know Christ
  • Realizing that the church is becoming more and more beautiful
  • Realizing that I am becoming more like Christ
  • Finishing the Bible once
  • Love, lead, and serve my wife (as Christ loved the church)
  • Engage in resolving conflicts and trying to understand what's going on for Suzi emotionally
  • Take more initiative in learning about auto and home maintenance (and maybe learn to cook a few good meals)
  • Share some good memories
  • Be direct in confronting/challenging Suzi
  • Read sections of "101 things every real guy should know" about auto maintenance
  • Try to help Suzi get into a daily personal time with God
  • Resolve conflicts verbally as soon as I become aware of them (don't just disengage and sleep)
  • Start planning for a summer vacation
  • Learn about hardwood floors
  • Laziness/fear of confrontation in conflict resolution
  • The fear of feeling disrespected and like a bad husband/disqualified man
  • Taking my work home with me and letting it affect my mood
  • Enjoying a night in a foreign country
  • Suzi growing in her relationship with God and being passionate to do His work
  • Knowing what to do if the car or house have issues
  • Emotional proximity
  • Understand all of our services in detail and become a go-to guy
  • Form good relationships with my coworkers
  • Become somewhat of an expert on at least one internal technology that we use
  • Be content
  • Understand the basic ideas of our upstream and downstream teams
  • Pay better attention to everything around me
  • Learn to ask better questions
  • Look at other teams' documentation
  • Improve our own documentation
  • Go to at least 1 tech talk every month that you genuinely want to attend
  • Laziness/fatigue
  • Getting frustrated from not understanding things easily
  • Not wanting to take ownership
  • Solving sev2's like they're nothing!
  • Being able to help new hires on our team
  • Someone saying "Ask David Chang - he'll know!"
Side Programmer
  • Become a better front end developer
  • Develop a few side projects for some kind of portfolio
  • Migrate davidandsuzi.com to static files using AWS
  • Actually contribute to an open source community like AngularJS, Backbone, or Node
  • Actually commit to and get involved with a local meetup
  • Develop something that can be used for ministry/evangelism
  • Not having enough time, as this should be the lowest of my priorities
  • Frustration over difficulties, incompetencies
  • Feeling confused over how much side programming I should really be doing
  • Releasing a few side projects
  • Getting recognized via Git repositories or blog posts

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