Advocate (Archived)
  • Start a mentoring program for fatherless kids
  • Hire a director
  • Launch a website stating the vision.
  • Learning to manage
  • Building a sustainable program
  • Seeing the program spread outside portland
Advocate (Archived)
  • Ride my bike across America raising funds for clean-water wells
  • Sign up for the ride.
  • Show up for the ride.
  • Fear I won't be athletic enough
  • The magnitude of the ride.
  • Arriving at the Atlantic Ocean
Storyline President (Archived)
  • Launch a social networking site based on people's life plans
  • Hire Steve James
  • Create the Storyline Guide
  • Create the sales video and launch sales site
  • Fear people won't catch on
  • Ongoing technical concerns with the site
  • Managing the printing of the book
  • Reading people's life plans knowing we'd made a difference
  • Write the new book. Turn it in this year.
  • Rent a cabin to finish plotting the book
  • Spend October and November in a cabin finishing the book.
  • Fears over the content
  • Concerns i will be misunderstood (need clarity)
  • Time constraints. Must finish this year.
  • Turning the manuscript in to Bryan and Brian.
Business Owner
  • Launch Storyline for Business
  • Complete the Narrative Business Plan Curriculum
  • Write copy for the new webpage
  • Will face time constraints
  • Will want to grow too quickly. Must slow down and use a two-year approach.
  • Having our first team complete the Storyline process
Business Owner
  • Create a Guide for Increasing Productivity and Share it
  • Add it to MySubplot
  • Map it Out in Scrivener
  • Have it proofread
  • Have Kyle Lay it Out
  • Write Ad Copy for it
  • Add it to the Storyline Store (for free)
  • Paying attention to the details
  • Finishing strong
  • Sending out an email blast letting people know about the product.

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