• Be a "cultural commentator" that helps young adults understand their lives better now, instead of wishful thinking later in life
  • Begin Blog at 20somethingme.com
  • Advertise Blog on my social networks
  • Blending in to the rest of the Blogosphere / Proving my platform is unique
  • Not writing what I believe, but being tempted to write what I think people want to hear
  • Being offered a book deal because I've grown a large readership
Business Owner
  • Create a successful business that sells hand-made and hand-picked vintage men's clothing and one-of-a-kind accessories
  • Buy domain, set-up website
  • Begin finding and making inventory
  • Make first sales
  • No market for goods/Reaching target customers
  • Time to hand-make/hand-pick items
  • Taking shortcuts to save time/money which lose the integrity of the product
  • Goes from being an online/pop-up business to a brick-and-mortar storefront
  • Establish a collection of truths/revelations/realizations that inspire a generation and create a collective community
  • Create Website: www.napkintruth.com
  • Shared with inner circle of friends/supporters
  • Begin viral marketing campaign nationwide
  • Pick official "Launch Date" and stick to it!
  • Establishing a better system of allowing others to contribute.
  • Movement never gaining momentum
  • Website not becoming self-sustainable
  • Napkin Truths are published in a book to give a sense of permanence to the community-built collection of wisdom.
Epic Traveler
  • See the world, build a global community of acquaintances, make a difference along the way.
  • Become comfortable traveling to foreign countries
  • Book trips on a regular basis
  • Write about experiences abroad
  • Figure out direct ways to serve while traveling individually
  • Finding a sustainable way to fund travel
  • Not allowing jobs/commitments to hinder my goals
  • Dealing with inevitable travel hitches/changes/safety issues
  • I find a career in which I am paid to travel and share that experience with others

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