• Inspire & Contribute to God's Community (Proficiency at my Art)
  • Platform to Evangelize
  • Make a training plan (toprock, footwork, power, freezes) [1]
  • Attend Larry's classes + O School twice a month; Make friends + Learn [1,2]
  • Go For SAC [1]
  • Sign up for a battle [1,2]
  • Goto Scape/Esplanade more often and make friends or to practice [1,2]
  • Finding a appropriate place in camp to practice (& speakers)
  • Balancing my time with other commitments
  • Injuries
  • Work throwing my schedule off.
  • Doing my first flare & continuous windmill.
  • Battling in front of people with people i love.
  • Winning my first battle.
  • Seeing my dance friends join SAC/Cell group
  • Bring up my kids to be Godly Children
  • Set Goals with my kids
  • Meet with Caleb to discuss our plan for 2013
  • improve communications with parents; events + understanding family situation (house visits)
  • Asking timothy + other leaders how they raise their kids (craigs points system is quite good.. hmm)
  • reading up (parenting + making lessons more interesting)
  • continually building up myself
  • discouraged by reactions from kids
  • lazy to wake up on Sunday morning
  • lack of time to prepare for lessons/house visits
  • distracted + spiritual setbacks
  • Seeing my kids serving in ministry (Reuben + Amadeus Levites)
  • Seeing them pray for people
  • Seeing them serve in the community
  • Appreciative parents
  • Keeping the temple of God fit, esp. beyond army
  • Gyming [plan]
  • Running (42.195!!) [make a plan]
  • Dancing
  • lazy
  • time constrains
  • running my first 10km, 21km, FINISH 42.195
  • looking more physically appealing (bigger clothing HAHA)
  • 6 pacs
  • hitting gold during re service IPPTs
Spiritual Being
  • Growing from glory to glory. (Overall Plan)
  • Prayer Warrior - Seeing the face of God [Bible, QT, Solitude, Prayer Tower, Fasting]
  • Better Evangelizer - Winning people for God's Glory [Friends, Family, Army, Dance]
  • Inspiring Mentor - Leading and raising Lives [Gkidz, Zeogen]
  • Active Contributor - Giving to God's Community & Singapore [Helping out in Church events, Champion a Cause]
  • Prayer Warrior - Finish the Bible, follow Durano Reading plan
  • Prayer Warrior - Maintain QT @ 9pm + First thing in morning
  • Prayer Warrior - Prayer tower once a month, min. 2h
  • Prayer Warrior - Fast Regularly every wed + one day a month
  • Better Evangelizer - Pray & Fast for 5 people at a go
  • Better Evangelizer - Invite one person to church a month (Cell + Service)
  • Inspiring Mentor - Raise my Kids well
  • Inspiring Mentor - Mentor the new ZG Leaders
  • Active Contributor - Help out in church events when necessary
  • Active Contributor - Find a cause to Champion
  • distracted/busy - discipline
  • not free @ 9pm to do QT, too tired in the morning - make sure you get sufficient rest!
  • Pangs of Fasting
  • Self doubt in people who want to come to church - let God decide, not me.
  • Insufficient time to mentor leaders - mentor via whatsapp?
  • What cause do i want to champion?
  • Seeing miracles + God's work in my life
  • Seeing hands raised, friends accepting Christ & joining cell and them winning more people!
  • Seeing my kids become more fervent in the Lord and worship him

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