Spiritual Being
  • Practice the spiritual discipline of Rest
  • Observe a three-month sabbatical
  • Reduce travel and "screen time"
  • Unplugging from work
  • Threatened sense of identity without being outwardly productive
  • Reduction of self-induced anxiety & stress
  • Rejuvenated mind, body & spirit
  • Improve the lives of HIV-affected communities in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Provide 1000 communities in Africa with access to clean wate
  • Train 10,000 Africans in water and HIV/AIDS solutions
  • Strengthen Africa-based organizations
  • Raising $3.5 Million in the next 14 months
  • Inspiring Americans to invest in building up African communities and leaders
  • 2,200 HIV+ people linked to support networks & health services
  • 500 community water solutions serving more than 50,000 people
  • Write a book to inspire others to pay attention, to step into the world and to act on what they see
  • Select Literary Agent & Editor
  • Complete outline and sample chapters
  • Write the book
  • Distractions of every kind
  • Other "urgents" taking precedence over writing
  • A story that is honest & compelling
  • A published book for the world to read
  • Speak in front of audiences to inspire them to partner with our friends in Africa
  • Develop 3 talks for different audiences
  • Get invited to speak in places of influence
  • Fear of stepping out there and being publicly known by others
  • Favor for male speakers over female speakers
  • Increased awareness and support of HIV/AIDS and water issues in Africa
  • Inspired audiences, changed lives
  • Live out a marriage full of love, adventure and vocation
  • Prioritize family & community
  • Say "yes" to the life that inspires us
  • Putting mission before marriage
  • Competing stress & travel
  • Flourishing love, adventure & vocation
  • Sustainable lifestyle

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