Business Owner
  • Be a leader in my community to help families who have young people struggling with drug addiction.
  • Work to establish a new counseling practice focused on young adults with substance dependence issues.
  • Develop innovative approaches to reduce the accompanying shame.
  • Work to develop community among my clients by hosting open mic events and other team building activities outside the usual counseling model
  • Fear
  • Logistics of office space, paperwork, phones, etc
  • Standing on the top of a Colorado 14er with a group of young recovering addicts with a huge sense of accomplishment.
  • Receiving frequent emails, texts or phone calls from former clients who have altered the course of their story
  • Learn to develop and edit films of people living out stories while climbing mountains
  • Find people climbing Colorado 14ers who have stories to tell
  • Film these stories and interview people with Joel to begin to work out the details of this business model
  • Create a compelling website
  • Transitioning from a full time psychotherapist to artist apprentice
  • Mountaineering does not cooperate with the story (weather, conditioning)
  • The vulnerability of creating artwork for others to view
  • Fear
  • Standing with tears in my eyes with Joel at the summit of mountain as a story unfolds.
  • Having more requests to film and create than we can handle.
  • Climb Denali before I turn 40 (and return home)
  • Yoga 1-2 times per week
  • Manitou Incline 2 times per week.
  • Price the trip and begin saving
  • Run Pikes Peak Marathon in 2013
  • Money issues may make this difficult
  • Denali is huge
  • Building a team of climbers with a common goal
  • Standing at the summit of Denali with my brother. Yelling. Taking pics. Shedding a tear.

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