Spiritual Being
  • Practice the presence of God throughout my days
  • Take care of my temple (mind/body/spirit)
  • Finish Beth Moore Bible Study "Esther"
  • Become a member of Redeemer
  • Buy a NutriBullet
  • Follow through with healthcare needs
  • Lack of persistence & consistency in developing routines
  • 'Clutter' taking my mind off of Christ
  • Attend a spiritual retreat or conference after 1 year of developing these habits
  • Partner with my husband to create a fulfilling life together
  • Start full-time job
  • Start financial counseling via Dave Ramsey's plan for financial freedom
  • Research apartments in Westchester
  • Mental well-being and developing good boundaries with family
  • Getting out of debt
  • Traveling to Europe with my husband prior to having a baby
  • Create a vibrant and life-honoring home
  • Go through "Apartment Therapy" book
  • Go through "Unclutter Your Life In One Week" book
  • Start a Home Wish List swipe file
  • Create a chore chart and commit to using it weekly
  • Letting go of old things and ideas
  • No prioritizing this area of my life

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