Image Bearer
  • Strive to be like Jesus.
  • Show Jesus to my world.
  • Live an unselfish life.
  • Love.
  • Read about Jesus and discover His characteristics.
  • Volunteer to help needy children.
  • Join a home group to build church community.
  • Invite someone over for dinner next week.
  • I tend to be selfish with my time.
  • I easily back out of events when I don't know people or when I am going alone.
  • I read my Bible at night and it's easy to go to sleep and/or forget.
  • Working with women, it can be easy to get pulled into gossiping - this is not the way to love others.
  • Speaking in love about a person who is being belittled.
  • Getting hugs and seeing smiles of a child who is loved by me... and possibly no one else.
  • Making an impact on someone's life by giving them my love and time.
  • Experiencing first-hand a life changed by Jesus.
  • Talk about and keep tabs on our ambitions and dreams.
  • Do fun things together.
  • Plan an adventure for 2013.
  • Say yes more than I say no.
  • Write in shared journal.
  • I am perfectly content staying at home, so sometimes it's hard to say yes.
  • Doing "things" costs money.
  • Living a great story together, and not as individuals.
Speech-Language Pathologist
  • See progress in the kids that I work with.
  • Give hope to parents.
  • Find my niche within this field.
  • Stay at the same job for along period of time.
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Go to the ASHA convention in November.
    • Love what I do.
    • Have a good reputation in my field.
    • See progress.
    • Learn about and focus on a specific area of speech/language therapy.
    Long distance family member and friend
    • Stay in better contact with my friends and family.
    • Call and/or Facetime someone at least twice a week.
    • Write a letter to Grandma J, Grandma S, and Maggie.
    • Text less, call more.
    • It is hard when I feel like I am the only one putting in effort to stay in contact.
    • When I haven't talked to certain people in a while, I second guess how they feel about me.
    • After talking all day at work, sometimes I don't feel like talking on the phone.
    • Spending quality time with them in the same city.
    • Getting to see them on Skype/Facetime.
    • Hearing someone say that my letter made their day.

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