• Write the Walk book by the end of the year and have it printed
  • Write a first draft
  • Meet up with a published author for advice
  • Find a proofreader
  • Get the main characters in the book to read and okay it
  • Print it
  • Timing won't happen
  • The main characters won't be okay with it
  • Money costs
  • I can hold the printed book in my hands and any person can read it
  • Be diligent about learning and sharing what I learn
  • Speak up about what I've learnt when given the opportunity
  • Share what I learn through writing
  • Dig into God, books, discussions, and learn from life
  • Have a mentality of always looking for lessons and insights
  • Be diligent about writing to help me learn
  • Fear of speaking up
  • People will reject what I share
  • Laziness
  • People will benefit from the lessons I share and will pass them on

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