• Fund freedom for more girls than we did last year with FREE THE BIRDS
  • Build awareness of our brand
  • Make sure t-shirts are in stock
  • Invest time weekly in the web content
  • Plan an intentional brainstorming meeting
  • Launch a product that people will wear and tell others about
  • There are so many things going on and it's hard to invest the time
  • Birdhouses take a long time to turn around
  • With Steve not touring that often, spreading the word is tricky
  • Meet a girl from Love146 who we have helped (in some way) learn what it means to be a kid again
  • Sex trafficking in America is something people are well-aware of and are actively preventing
  • Be present
  • Shut down the office at 6pm every day
  • Make Katie dinner a couple of times a week
  • Be actively engaged in our conversations (not distracted)
  • I have a tendency to spend more time supporting the people I work with and not enough time supporting Katie
  • I love what I do have a hard time turning it off.
  • Katie and I share hobbies and pursue them together
  • We dream up capers regularly and approach them like a team
  • Know God and be a part of what He is doing
  • Carve out time to talk with Him
  • Carve out time to read His Word to gain some insight into what He's doing
  • With a long to-do list, reading can seem unproductive
  • Knowing God seems like a big "task" and it's hard to know how to take the next step
  • I speak of Jesus to others as though he's one of my good friends
  • I'm aware of what God is doing and I'm present and engaged
Supporter (to those I work with)
  • To be a constant in their ever-changing lives
  • To create space so that they can create
  • Ask for a list of things I can take off their plate
  • Look through their tasks and actually finish a few things for them
  • Present a complete idea, rather than just a piece, knowing that will create less work for them
  • Creating more work than I'm able to handle and my response time is slower than the standard I want to have for myself
  • Products are released and I know I helped make that happen by being on the team
  • To make my friends and family feel valued and loved
  • To stay connected even when we're apart
  • Order stationary and return address stamp
  • Write at least one letter per week
  • Create a spreadsheet so that I can track who I'm sending letters to and how often
  • Schedule a FaceTime chat with someone every Saturday morning
  • I won't have anything to say in the letters
  • People won't reciprocate the effort I'm putting in to connect with them
  • I get a letter in the mail from someone I've sent a letter to
  • I see my family and it feels like we haven't been apart
  • FaceTiming with a friend while on tour and them feeling remembered and important

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