• I want to publish at least one book.
  • I want to finish school.
  • I want to get a job in the writing industry.
  • I want to quit the job I have now once I get a job in the writing industry.
  • I want to do spoken word on a consistent basis at a local coffee shop.
  • I want to make as much money as I make at my current job, but being a writer.
  • I want to do one journalism gig in another country. I've always thought that would be pretty cool. My girlfriend says that's not my style, but I think I could push one out.
  • I want to develop some sort of writing forum among the homeless people in my area.
  • I need to start researching writing jobs.
  • I need to start praying about writing jobs.
  • I need to register for school for the upcoming semester.
  • I need to get connected with a local spoken word venue.
  • I need to keep writing in my spare time.
  • I need to develop a writing routine.
  • I need to start entering writing contests.
  • I need to find out simple, practical instructions to sending in the unfinished manuscript that I have to literary agents.
  • Quitting the job I'm at.
  • Getting turned down at potential jobs.
  • Getting rejected by literary agents/publishers.
  • Getting made fun of by family for trying to squeeze a living out of this.
  • The fear of rejection.
  • The fear of honesty.
  • The fear of failure.
  • Having an overloaded schedule (not being a good time manager).
  • Being around better writers than myself.
  • Going through times of being less social, and having to explain to my friends why.
  • I get to see my book on a shelf.
  • I get to give copies of my book away.
  • I get to spend a year solely devoted to writing another book, and not having to do it on the side.
  • I get to walk across the stage at school.
  • I get to apply for more specific writing jobs.
  • I get to thank God for doing something for me that I would have never been able to do for myself.
  • I get to say goodbye to the restaurant industry forever (unless I do food columns).
  • I'm better at public speaking, and don't get as freaked out in front of people.
  • My vocation consists of doing what I love, and not what I am able to tolerate (I get some freedom to actually choose, and not make decisions out of financial desperation).
  • I get to help cultivate the stories of homeless friends, and help them get on their feet.

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