Spiritual Being
  • Make time to read the Bible 3-5 times a week
  • Pray and journal daily
  • Rearrange my calendar to ensure I have time in the morning
  • Start journaling prayers again
  • Too busy and like to focus on work in the morning
  • Easily distracted when using computer to read/journal
  • Understand God's will, accept it, and live it
  • Visibly live the values taught by Jesus Christ
  • Peace and understanding
  • Be more supportive and loving with my actions and words
  • Be present when I am home
  • Vocalize encouragement or appreciation at least once a day
  • Don't choose work over family
  • Pregnancy...she is tired, a little grumpier, a little more emotional (which is all understandable)
  • Project in New England will require more travel
  • She is more confident and knows how much she is appreciated
  • Teach my son the story and teachings of Jesus Christ
  • Prepare him for having a baby brother
  • Slow down and make time to play and teach
  • Get back to attending church regularly
  • Be intentional about teaching opportunities
  • No work from when I get home to bedtime
  • Build his big boy room
  • Start bedtime prayers
  • I am a busy body
  • Bedtime routine sneaks up on us quickly
  • Exhausted after work so slow to make progress on room
  • He is excited about baby brother and not jealous
  • He comes home to see his big boy room
  • He talks about God and Jesus
  • Change the perception that I'm a naysayer
  • Outwardly demonstrate my leadership capabilities
  • Get through "two in a box" succesfully
  • Start my blog and write 3 times a week
  • "Two in a box" is frustrating
  • Lots of changes and uncertainty
  • Creating valuable outcomes for those around me
  • Helping others to be more than they thought possible
Healthy and In Shape
  • Lose the gut
  • Get muscle tone
  • Get cardio endurance up
  • Eliminate fried food
  • Cut out the beer or wine at night
  • Cardio three times a week
  • Too tired
  • Lack of willpower due to stress
  • Down to 170 lbs

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