• I would like to become an inspiring leader at the college I will be attending in the spring.
  • Get accepted into the college for the second time.
  • Prayerfully figure out what it takes to become a leader on that size of scale.
  • Get discouraged being at a new college.
  • Have people discourage me.
  • Be an avid leader at the school.
  • Grow in being a leader for the rest of my life.
  • Finish my Old Testament Survey course.
  • Prayerfully prepare for moving to Chicago to study.
  • Stay disciplined in my studies.
  • Find a good balance.
  • Maintain the balance to not get burned out.
  • Finish my OT paper.
  • Study extremely hard for my final exam.
  • Spend extra time with Jesus, preparing for this move.
  • Get a good final grade in OT & no longer worry about it.
  • Have no worries about moving to Chicago.
  • Keep good grades at MBI.

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